First Public Response to ‘Storm Warning’

Storm Warning was published on 21.01.13 – Already it is selling well on Amazon and IB TAURIS and in book shops.

Riding the Crosswinds in the Afghan-Pakistan Borderlands

Ahmed Rashid

Dr Robin Brooke-Smith’s book Storm Warning is a topical and controversial adventure behind the scenes in a troubled and dangerous place that is the fulcrum of global jihad. It tells of personal dealings with senior figures in the notorious ISI Military Intelligence and other politicians. It explores the complicity of the military in 9/11 planning, and its role in the creation and growth of the Taliban and other extremist groups. It provides a fascinating close-up and personal experience, allowing new and important voices to be heard, in a place and time that gets more critical by the day.

From the rise of the Taliban and Al Qaeda to the ‘Arab Spring’; East and West, Islam and Christianity, a charming college, rising terror, senior echelons of power; take a ringside seat in the Afghan-Pakistan borderlands and see this troubled place in a way you have never seen it before.

Robin Brooke-Smith has written a first-hand account of five years spent in Peshawar as Principal of its famous Edwardes College and of the turbulent years since then. Storm Warning takes you on an adventure that sometimes charms you and sometimes makes your hair stand on end.

As we follow events in this crucial time, we feel the tensions of the daily struggle in a difficult and often dangerous place. Behind it all is the sinister drumbeat of a country and region lurching into chaos. We experience the dangerous conspiracies that Robin encountered and finally we are swept up into the global disaster of 9/11, manoeuvrings in Washington, London, Kandahar, and Islamabad.

This is a personal story at the very pivot of a turning world.

From Mohammed Ali OBE – CEO of QED in Bradford

“I found the book well written and an honest account of your five years experience of working in extremely challenging circumstances. I bet no college principal in the UK can match that. It was brave of you to take this on; your background and contact helped. You obviously did a great job in introducing women to the college and pulling off a fascinating centenary celebration event – that was a gripping tale to match any political thriller.

The books paints a candid view of what it’s like working in Pakistan, a brief political history of the country and a description of circumstances which let to current predicaments. As you know things have got worse in Pakistan since you left over 12 years ago.  The hope lies in students that are studying at Edwards College. Pakistan needs such an institution in every province as a minimum to bring real sustainable change. That would be a good investment for UK DFID who are planning to increase their budget for Pakistan considerably. I think you should suggest this to them – we will support you. These funds are not used well from my little knowledge of them.

From your experience, knowledge,  and a feeling for Pakistani people you can play a key role in supporting Pakistan. No doubt you will have plans to translate the book in Urdu- and perhaps even Pashto!”


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