Recent Comments about Storm Warning

Robert Monro (Development Consultant, British Council, Manchester) says: I just finished reading Storm Warning last night and found it a really excellent read.  A gripping story well told!  You were certainly in Pakistan at an “interesting” time and you weave an enthralling tale of both personal and political events.  I congratulate you on the book and will certainly recommend it to colleagues currently and previously in Pakistan.

Ruth Coggan (Former CMS Doctor in Bannu) says: ‘I found it riveting! I read it in just two sittings’

Angie Jamieson (Former Head of Save the Children Peshawar) says: ‘I found myself turning the pages in trepidation as the tides of fortune and misfortune shifted in and out of those turbulent years. It is a masterpiece painted on a broad canvas and yet the detail and the humanity is all there as well. The rhythm of the days and years at the college thread their way through the narrative – riding out those cross winds both near and far, and give a stability and affirmation of goodness. What an extraordinary time and place to have lived through!’


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